Drum Circles and Group Sessions for All Ages

Remedial Music Group Therapy

Music can be more enjoyable when you are part of a group. These sessions were created to promote bonding and to share with others what a great experience learning a new instrument can be.

Remedial Group sessions

Be part of our Drum Circle. For those who prefer a community feel, join in on our Group Remedial Music Sessions.

About these sessions

Working with a group can encourage motivation, bonding and community engagement. These sessions allow students to be part of a musical drum circle to practice teamwork and socialisation. The sessions are also designed to help children who are experiencing bullying or those with behavioural issues.

With sessions capped at 4-5 people, this creates a fun and stimulating space with the personal touches of a one-on-one session. Pricing for Remedial Group Sessions:

  • In person group therapy: $20 per person per session
  • Online sessions during COVID-19: First session for $10 and then $15 thereafter

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Research shows that learning and playing music is not just fun, it has a positive impact on our intelligence and wellbeing. If you still need a reason to give it a go,this is what some clients of The Drum Practice have to say...

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