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I am a professional tutor with a degree in music performance and an extensive music career. I was the drummer of Fire Underground for 6 years, touring Australia numerous times and touring USA, Canada & Europe as part of Australia's Music Export Initiative. I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Education and have 20 years’ experience working alongside students with varying disabilities in the disability industry.

My work

From supporting The Black Keys at The Forum to touring and playing internationally, I am a seasoned musician who has worked hard building a career focused on music, personal development and inclusivity which is accessible to everyone; these areas are the most important to me in providing a student focused program.



Music education
Darren Perkins (Aus)
Dave Beck (Aus)
Tony Floyd (Aus)
Robi Parolin (Aus)
Benny Helmig (Aus)

Masterclasses from
Pete Lockett (USA)
John Riley (USA)
Bernard Purdie (USA)
Mark Schulman (USA)
Daniel Glass (USA)
Stan Bicknell (USA)

With a degree in Music Performance and a Masters of Education currently in progress, I have found that this passion now blends with my experience working in the disability industry to bring enjoyment and fulfilment to clients through music as well as music session work and united learning. Music has a major effect on happiness, well-being and intelligence and The Drum Practice aims to introduce or embed music into the lives of people of all ages and abilities. Whether you have always wanted to play an instrument but never got around to it, would like your child to be involved in a Drum Circle community or just want to let off some steam, I will be there to keep you on track.

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